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BackgroundConnect was established with one all-encompassing goal: to deliver screening solutions that are thorough, comprehensive, timely and affordable. At BackgroundConnect we are dedicated to providing the best pre-employment screening services in our industry. We do this by empowering our customers with the latest technology and coordinating their access to virtually all public databases available. We continually enhance our screening processes and regularly add quality providers whose primary objective is to deliver timely and accurate data to BackgroundConnect’s customers.  We believe our customer service and specialized technologies rank second to none in the industry.

We’re a young company, but one that offers the most up-to-date screening and verification services. We can offer our customers up to 52 different types of screens and can create custom packages that fit your specific needs. We offer discounted volume pricing, and our turnaround for orders is usually 1-3 days. We can even provide rush services to narrow your delivery time to less than a day for certain types of orders.

Our Commitment to Our Customers

The goal of every Human Resource professional is to bring in employees who provide value-add and productivity to a company. Our background check and screening products and services act as an extension to your department by leveraging your time and delivering accurate data on the candidates you have identified as possible hires.  Our information comes from reputable vendors who have been in the industry for many years and whose only job is to deliver precise and comprehensive information to our clients. Our services help your company improve efficiency, enhance workplace safety, save time and avoid unnecessary litigation costs. Our mission is to help you make critical hiring decisions with ease. By utilizing our resources, you reap the benefits of a streamlined, cost-effective screeing process that helps you find solid candidates for your business and (just as important) helps you avoid those who might cause significant long-term problems.

We make it easy on you! Once you sign up with BackgroundConnect, we’ll create your own home page on our website that will allow you to log in securely and place orders at any time of day or night. You can select any service or package we offer. Simply log in to the system using our link on this web site, and you are taken to your own customized home page. On your personalized site, we provide you with news items, updates to existing orders, special notices and links to our customer resource center. Everything you need to make the screening experience easy, timely and affordable is tailored to your specific requirements.

Why Us?

Quite simply, its the experience and resources of BackgroundConnect and its platform providers. Our team of industry partners has decades of experience in this industry and know what it takes to deliver fast, efficient and legally compliant information. We adhere to the strict requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and we do not cut any corners. We help educate you on your requirements as an employer, and we provide you with the tools you need to make sure that every potential hire is treated fairly and properly according to the law.  We are a trusted partner in all aspects of the screening process, and we leverage your capabilities, knowledge and performance.

We’re ready to get to work for you right now

To learn more about what we can do for you or to start screening candidate today, call us at (832) 834-3958 or e-mail us as


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