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Post-Hire Monitoring

Employee Re-Screening

The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) estimates that more than 75% of employers in the United States conduct some degree of background screening. However, most background checks are conducted pre-employment or as new hires begin work.

While pre-employment screening is an effective tool to help reduce workplace violence, employee theft, and negligent hiring liability, it is just a snapshot in time. How do you learn about the misconduct of employees that may occur after a pre-employment background check?

Protecting Your Investment

Current employees may present an even greater risk than job applicants. You’ve invested time and money to recruit, on-board, and train employees. Furthermore, they already work on your premises, have access to company property, and may interface with customers, vendors, and the general public as a representative of your organization.

Comprehensive Daily Risk Alerts & Analytics

BackgroundConnect keeps you updated when identity information changes. Users can select specific criteria to monitor including:

• Criminality – wants and warrants, bookings and arrests, criminal history and sex offender registrations
• Court Records – bankruptcy, liens & judgements, lawsuits and foreclosures
• Licenses / Permits – professional licenses, drivers licenses, healthcare licenses, concealed weapons permits and more
• Sanctions – healthcare sanctions, OFAC sanctions, terrorism watch lists, criminal watch lists

Core Features & Benefits

• Continuous Monitoring – automates the analysis of multiple sources of information to detect identity profile changes
• Alerting – provides automated notifications of potential changes in a person’s background behavior
• Verification Audit Trail – digitally links verification data sources to identity events to ensure cost effective compliance
• Risk Analytics – creates situational awareness through advanced data visualization of identities and related risks
• Intellectual Property Protection – protects organization’s intellectual property and assets
• Occupational Fraud – reduces occupational fraud and negligent retention lawsuits
• Brand Reputation – protects organization’s brand and impedes negative publicity

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