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Consumer Credit Reports give you the current and complete information you need to make decisions about potential employees and tenants with speed and accuracy. These pre-employment reports are an essential tool when screening for positions that require your employee to handle any form of financial transaction or company revenue. Consumer credit reports are available through our platform and include:

  • Consumer Identifying Information – Name, Address & Phone Number, Previous Addresses, Employer’s Name & Address, Previous Employer’s Name & Address
  • Credit Trend Summary – up to 24 months of historical balance and credit utilization information on a consumer’s revolving, installment and mortgage accounts.
  • Score Summary – calculates information and inquiries found on a consumer’s credit file into a numeric score that indicates likely future payment behavior
  • Public Records – consisting of bankruptcies, liens and civil actions against a consumer
  • Trade lines  – any or all of this information may appear if provided by a subscriber: original credit grantor name/creditor classification for third party collection agency trade lines; balloon payment information (date and amount) or deferred payment start date for deferred loans; mortgage identification number; and portfolio “sold to:” or “purchased from” name
  • Inquiries – indicate that a credit report was received on that date by the subscriber listed. Inquiring subscriber names are shown.
  • Messages – may include general consumer statements, informational or other special messages. Consumer statements relating to a trade line or public record item appear directly after the item.

Legal Requirements

  • Given the sensitive nature of financial information, an onsite inspection of your business is required in order to utilize this search. This is done to gain assurance that your business does not operate out of a residencr
  • Backgrounds Connect suggests that pre-employment credit reports be used when hiring for financial-related positions.
  • Some states prohibit the use of credit reports for employment screening except in very limited circumstances, we can provide information concerning the requirements of those states (for example California businesses must obtain a separate, specific release form to obtain their applicant’s financial information).
  • An authorization of release to perform employment screening, signed by your employee or applicant must be on hand in order to request a pre-employment credit report.
  • Your applicant’s full legal name, date of birth, and social security number are required at the time of request in order to properly identify credit report information.


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