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Criminal background checks can be conducted at the county, state and/or federal levels. Clients receive our standardized reports including offenses found on the requested party(s) along with the case number, charge(s), dates, sentencing details, and all identifiers found. Criminal record searches allow an employer to identify any criminal charges or convictions that belong to a hiring candidate. Identifying past criminal behavior can help to mitigate risk in the workplace.

At BackgroundConnect we know that our success is based on delivering timely, high quality criminal background reports at reasonable prices. Our absolute adherence to FCRA compliant procedures creates the best environment for exceeding customer expectations. Criminal records databases compiled by non-government entities will only be used as indicators of possible records. Prior to making any report to an employer about a criminal record from a database, BackgroundConnect will verify the information directly with the reporting jurisdiction. This ensures that employers make decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information while making sure that potential hires are treated fairly.

We educate our clients about certain limitations within multi-jurisdictional databases and the importance of researching any applicant’s criminal history within the jurisdiction(s) in which the applicant currently or previously has lived or worked. We do not “rush” criminal background checks because it is extremely important to verify the accuracy of the information derived. Client’s have too much at stake to make decisions based on data that has not been double checked, and this is why our work in this field clearly stands out from a great majority of our competitors. We urge you to avoid using any firm that promises “instant” criminal checks. The risks are too great.

Turnaround Times:
Data is only relevant if our customers receive it in time for it to be immediately useful. Criminal background checks are intended to safeguard businesses from hiring people who can potentially undermine the success of an entire company. Receiving such information in a timely manner, before hiring decisions are made, is essential in protecting our clients’ business interests and corporate environments.

BackgroundConnect takes pride in providing our customers with timely and accurate information. Our vendors maintain full time in-house court record retrievers and provide nationwide public information through a network of over 1000 retrievers throughout the United States. Our national turnaround time is extremely consistent. 91% of clear results are returned within 48 hours, and 65% of all results are returned within 24 hours or less. For requests delayed due to remote jurisdictions, courts with limited clerk assistance, and weather or technology issues, we provide detailed Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) information within 36 hours.


We run a 7 point comprehensive criminal screen for all of our clients because leaving out any one of the 7 screens creates a gaping hole in your screening protocols, potentially bringing significant liability and legal exposure to your company. If you miss one county criminal case, or one security exclusion or one federal charge, the exposure for that miss can be significant, so we typically only run the 7 point comprehensive package for clients. Time and experience have taught us this is the best way to protect our clients.

Our 7 point criminal screening package provides “best practices” coverage and “tightens the net”, so that there is little chance any potential “hit” will slip through and be missed. Ours is a “deep dive” package that is thorough and extensive, and encompasses the following 7 areas:

  • Social Security number trace and validation
  • Full and Complete Address History trace
  • National Criminal and Statewide database search (all 50 states)
  • Federal Criminal database search (entire Federal Criminal Court System – all 94 districts)
  • County criminal database search (Local County of Residence)
  • National Sex Offender Registry search (all 50 states)
  • National Terror Watch List/Global Security Watch List search (includes all government and international watch lists)

Regardless of whether you decide to work with us or not, We strongly urge you to make sure that these screening services are part of your criminal background check program, as this will likely offer your company substantial protection while reducing legal exposure going forward.

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