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Workplace drug abuse costs companies millions of dollars every year.

No business is immune to the problems of workplace drug and alcohol abuse. The National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance reports that marijuana is the most commonly abused drug in the workplace, followed by cocaine. Testing your employees can help prevent and detect workplace drug abuse.

BackgroundConnect knows you need drug testing for certain job applicants. We visited with some of the leading drug testing vendors in the country and invited E-Screen into our network. As a result, we now can offer clients integrated drug-testing and background-check bundled services all in one location. eScreen has automated the process to take even more of the burden off you and your potential hires. By consolidating to one point of data entry or accepting a data feed from your onboarding system, the administrative burden on employers is reduced significantly. You can also retrieve our employee drug-testing and background-check results in one unified report. These alliances save you both time and money during the screening process.

Premiere Urine Testing Options

BackgroundConnect’s vendor eScreen is proud to offer a variety of urine testing methods to meet the needs of workplace screening programs. As industry leaders in customization and flexibility, eScreen can confidently deliver the perfect solution for your program.

View the comparison chart below to see which option(s) would work best for you. Whether your program needs instrumented eCup, manually-interpreted mCup, or lab-based DOT testing, let BackgroundConnect be your gateway to the total source solution.

lab-based cup
15-minute notification of negative results Yes Yes
Point-of-care collection Yes Yes Yes
Onsite collection (mobile) Yes Yes
Electronic results interpretation
(works with eScreen eReader®)
Manual results interpretation Yes
Electronic Chain of Custody (eCCF®) Yes Yes Yes
DOT-compliant Yes
SAMHSA cutoff levels Yes Yes Yes
SAMHSA 5 panels
Yes Yes Yes
Expanded panels Yes* Yes
Built-in adulteration panels Yes
Works in conjunction with eScreen
software and automated online
Yes Yes Yes

*mCup comes in 5-, 7-, 9-, 10- and 11-panel configurations.


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