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BackgroundConnect’s platform provides remarkable functionality and resources, and as a result we can offer our customers the following benefits:

  • 52 standard “screen” categories for your use (e.g. County Criminal, County Civil, Education, Employment, etc.).
  • We offer custom “Packages” of screens that meet your company’s specific needs and objectives. These screens are priced advantageously to provide you with significant cost savings vs. “a la carte” ordering.
  • Clients may call us anytime to place orders or they can submit orders online, 24/7 directly through a personalized log-in section on our website.
  • We provide automatic email notifications when orders are entered, updated and delivered.
  • Customers determine what each of their authorized individual users can do — place new orders, see existing orders, see invoice data and edit the “Meets Requirements” rating for an Applicant. We assist you in tailoring rights based on position and responsibility.
  • Quick Links are provided to immediately display a list of all work in progress, as well as those orders due today, tomorrow or within 72 hours.
  • Customers can automatically order “rechecks” on any Applicant or group of Applicants who are already in the system, without the need for further data entry. This feature is ideal for processing random rechecks, random drug checks, annual driving record checks, periodic contractor checks, etc. Recheck pricing is significantly discounted.
  • Our system provides secure spreadsheet uploading. This feature converts Microsoft Excel data into HR-XML, enabling the bulk upload of Applicant Data for the purpose of placing new orders. Our system can handle hundreds of orders at a time without any difficulty.
  • Clients can quickly find older reports by last name, SSN, order number or date range. All orders, past and current, are always online.
  • A summary section at the top of each report provides our clients with a quick view of the results. Quick Links open up any specific component in its own mini-report. Scrolling down the page displays all information, separated into sections according to the client’s specifications. A Red / Green / Amber color coding alerts customers to specific issues that warrant review.

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