Physicals and Drug Testing

Workplace drug abuse costs companies millions of dollars every year

No business is immune to the problems of workplace drug and alcohol abuse. The National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance reports that marijuana is the most commonly abused drug in the workplace, followed by cocaine. Testing your employees can help prevent and detect workplace drug abuse.

Nationwide Drug Testing and Physicals

BackgroundConnect understands the importance of drug testing and physical screenings for job applicants. We've partnered with eScreen, a leading drug testing and physicals provider, to enhance our services across the nation. No matter where your applicants are located, from Anchorage, Alaska to Houston, Texas, we ensure prompt delivery of screening results. Our partnership with eScreen simplifies the process by offering direct data entry or seamless integration with your onboarding system, significantly easing the administrative load. Employers benefit from the convenience of a unified report that consolidates all drug test, physical screenings, and background check results.